The witch has woken and she's unleashed, untamed and unapologetic.


Pre-order your copy of Witch (because pre-order is a 'really good thing' according to my publishers) then come back here, enter your name, email address + receipt number below + I will send you a downloadable copy of the Cauldron Conversations Zine (because the riot grrl in me has NEVER died) featuring interviews and magic with 13 of my most favourite witches.

You will also receive insta-access to a 2 hour Wake The Witches full moon ritual + workshop on May 10th that will wake, shake + fortify the witches. I'll share from the book, I'll do a Q+A and we'll make practical yet potent magic together. 
Black pointy hat totally optional.

To join me, pre-order your copy of the book before May 9th.